Neumann U47 and U87 Restoration – Amazing Clarity

Neumann U47 Mic Repair

The U47 had been unsuccessfully attempted to be converted to a FET version which ended up rendering it useless by some technician.

We restored it back to a tube type with a high gain triode as close to the original tube (obsolete) as we could get and replaced the damaged capsule with a premium grade Japanese capsule.

The client is absolutely raving about the quietness and performance of the microphone.

Here is a sample he sent of him singing.

It is remarkable how clear it is.

Neumann U87 Mic Repair

The U87 mics were rescued from someone trying to unscrew the head which is not the way to open them.

Neumann U87 Capsule base rescue1

The phenolic bases were destroyed and had to be rebuilt like a tooth filling cured with UV light.

New pins were molded in place where needed and they are fully functional with safety screws mounted in the head clamps so they can never be twisted again.

Neumann U87 Capsule Receptacle rescue


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—— Original Message ——
Date: 2015-02-12 11:19 AM

Dear Tom,
You've done it again!
After tending to our vintage beloved Midas console, rebuilding our Neve and Urei 1176 compressors, you have now completely rescued my invaluable old Telefunken U-47 tube mic! It sounds unbelievable, clean as a whistle, delivering sonics on steroids!
Thanks so much for your meticulous and excellent work Dr. McCartney!

Vezi Tayyeb
Ben Pelchat
Kensington Sound

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