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Revox A77 Recap and Overhaul

 Revox A77 recap and overhaul


Willi Studer and his REVOX tape recorder have gained an enthusiast following reminiscent of the veteran car era and such names as Bugatti, Bentley and Duisenberg. His machines have been characterized by their advanced design, precision engineering and by their clean dynamic sound; the result of low distortion and wide frequency response [ read more . . .  ]



The A77 tape recorder is perhaps the panzer of open reels, heavily built and well designed. Three motor machine, with both capstan and reel motors being direct drive, so the only belt is a counter belt. These are large reel capable and record and play in only one direction. Revox strove for performance and reliability rather than bells and whistles like auto reverse and such [ read more . . .  ]


big motor top view revox a77

circuit board revox a77 with motor

coloured wires circuit board a77 revox

small transistor solder a77 revox

colour wires close up revox A77

circuit board 272 with wires revox a77

solder joints to circuit board A77 REVOX

close up solder joints white wires revoX A77

hanging stuff Revox a77 overhaul

glass fuses on REVOX a77 repair

fuses soldered together on REVOX A77 repair overhaul

blue screwdriver on revox A77 overhaul

bobbin silver a77 REVOx repair

cleaning gunk off a77 REVOX repair overhaul

These have very few electronic failures, so the most important components to be sure of on one of these is how much headwear there is and the condition of the brake hubs and bands [ read more ]

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