Analog Audio Cables

Directional recording studio quality cables

Made the same way a professional recording studio is wired with destination ground meaning that no signal travels on the shield which is only connected at termination point.

directional audio cables

The connection type is called destination ground technique.

Using the same cable as high quality professional microphones use called STAR QUAD with braided shield for 100% coverage. Also employing a new type RCA connector that is far more durable.

how to wire a recording studio

Priced at $75.00 per wire at 32” length.

Customer Reviews..

Hi Tom,

I LOVE the cables! I thought I had good cables but yours blows them out of the water! More depth, more presence, more musical and quieter I think.

I would like to order 4 more pairs, please. 3 can be the same length as the two I have – 30 inches. 1 has to be longer for my amp. Let’s make it 4 feet if possible. 3 1/2 if u think sound will degrade with longer length.

The sound was just more relaxed and enjoyable. You know your stuff! Thanks :-)

Lucio A.

I’ve been listening for a week now, and I’m still blown away! I can’t wait to have them throughout my entire system.
Lucio A.

Hi Tom,

Just wanted to give you one more update now that my whole system is linked by your cables. What I said before… Only more! They are truly amazing! Everything is just that much more real and detailed. Easily a 15% bump in presence and simple pleasure! And that’s huge in an already very good sounding system, if I do say so myself ;-)Thanks, brother!

Lucio A.

P.S. And yes, you can use these comments on your site if you wish…


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