Reel Analog Audio offers expert repair and custom modification to magnetic reel to reel tape recorders, analog audio amplifiers and preamplifiers.

Located in Toronto, Canada we can ship worldwide.

We also build our own custom designs for example the IDARO 436C KOMPRESS


McGraw Hill  ISBN # 0-07-142726-0


Tom McCartney is a graduate of Radio College of Canada in 1976 and has been service manager at several pro-audio companies. Tom has trained in Switzerland, Austria, USA and Canada by some of the world’s most highly regarded audio companies. He worked for 6 years at Studer Canada as a design engineering technician and field service representative, and as an expert builder of large broadcast consoles equivalent to Neve. Tom teaches occasionally at various colleges upon request.

Tom is owner and operator of  T.M. Electronics, where he rebuilds vintage amps and audio equipment, and designer of quality high end tube preamplifiers and audio effects devices.

Tom consults to studios where he performs room RTA analysis and on site repairs, where he can troubleshoot to rid of electrical noises in the audio paths.

Tom performs expert “Head Direct Out” modifications to open reel tape recorders for external tube preamps, some of which he also designs and builds.

Tom’s is passionate about the music business. He is part owner of a recording studio and loves to see the creation of music as well.

Tom’s outside hobbies include building and modifying American motorcycles and fishing.

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Client Reviews ..


I purchased a Revox A77 MKIII this year and wanted to get it reconditioned. I spoke to a Producer/Sound Engineer/ Studio Owner friend of mine ( I’ve known him 40 yrs) and asked him if he had any ideas about where I should take the A77. He said “I know EXACTLY who you should take it to. This guy is the best in the business.” I contacted Tom and dropped off the machine for a full refurb.

Throughout the process Tom communicated frequently and continually sent high-res. photos of his progress. Upon completion of the work, Tom provided an overall summary of the issues addressed.

I am more than impressed with the timeliness/communication and most importantly the quality of workmanship. I give Tom McCartney my highest recommendation without hesitation.


Hi Tom,

I LOVE the cables! I thought I had good cables but yours blows them out of the water! More depth, more presence, more musical and quieter I think.

I would like to order 4 more pairs, please. 3 can be the same length as the two I have – 30 inches. 1 has to be longer for my amp. Let’s make it 4 feet if possible. 3 1/2 if u think sound will degrade with longer length.

The sound was just more relaxed and enjoyable. You know your stuff! Thanks :-)

Lucio A.

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